Life lessons from a Startup Entrepreneur

By Deepak Pathak


Where Has Dee Gone?!

Howdy Folks!

I’ve not gone anywhere, I’m still here!

It’s been a long few months with some fantastic things happening in my world of business. I ventured into the world of startups which led to me:

  • Creating an idea
  • Accidentally¬†finding people who wanted to fund my projects
  • Suddenly going from being a one man team to having a team of six…
  • Attending conferences with the elite from my Industry in San Francisco, Sweden, Germany, the UK and many more to come…
  • Won a number of awards for the business model and idea..

and we are only just getting started!

I’m going to be writing much more about it this week…


Just wanted to give you all a heads up that I’m back with way more knowledge to share then I could have imagined!

Read from you soon!


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