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SEO Powersuite Experiment – The ultimate test of Link Assistant tools

SEO Powersuite experimentFor the next 6 months I am going to be testing and reviewing a very powerful SEO software package, by the name of SEO Powersuite, by Link Assistant. It may be the most in-depth case study into software, where I will show you all the pro’s and con’s associated with the software in a truly honest experiment. I’m not interested in using it once and posting a rather meaningless review, I wanted to test the software in a more robust way, something that had some meaning and perhaps even showed the product’s potential for long term results. Here is a quick story as to how this whole opportunity came about.


How I struck the deal with SEO Powersuite 

A few weeks ago a well known SEO product by the name of ‘Market Samurai’ ran into business changing issues. Some of it was blamed on the business environment, but as an experienced business person myself, I believed much of the blame had to lie within the way Market Samurai handled its business. Just as the blame for 90% of Internet Marketing failures lie with the people running the business – because quite often they fail to learn about business and learning to assess all risks that are associated with your particular business.

I had heard of the market Samurai issues a week before they decided to publicly acknowledge them. A member of our Mastermind group happened to purchase the software to test some results that his VA’s (Virtual Assistants) were giving him. What he found was that the software was not working correctly (when it worked at all) and so he asked the group whether their Market Samurai’s were working too. That is when everyone chimed in and suggested something was very wrong with Market Samurai – even though their support kept suggesting ti would be ok within a matter of ‘hours’.

Note – I must state here, that I have met the guys who run Market Samurai on a Marketers cruise some years ago, very nice guys… and my makes no judgment on them, just my opinions about the way business was handled.

Now it could have been that they honestly thought the issue could be fixed quickly and thus why they continued to sell the product or any number of other circumstances. When they officially announced the problem over the weekend I already had strong opinions about the way the whole debacle had been handled.  ( interestingly releasing bad news at a weekend is also a corporate trick to diffuse tensions over a weekend so people do not all band together and complain at once like on a working day).

I wrote a controversial blog post about this:  The end of Market Samurai? 

The blog attracted some interesting traffic and it was not long before rival SEO company were smelling the opportunity for some easy promotion and to become an increasingly viable alternative to Market Samurai. One such firm was ‘Link Assistant’, creators of the SEO Powersuite. They found their way to my blog because of this one article.

Naturally they left a comment, explaining their opinion on the Market Samurai issue and leaving links to their products too.

Those of you who have followed my other blogs will know that I do not allow links directly in the comments section, as is the same with many other bloggers. We often consider it SPAM and thus do not allow it.

Now, here is the important bit. I did not simply delete the comment. I deleted the links and replied to their comment too, stating what I liked about what they had said and why i had to delete the link. I then sent them a personal email thanking them again for their post and suggesting that if they really wanted to promote their product, then why not let me test it fully for six month. Of course, I shared some of my current business interests with them so they knew it would be worth their while too. They replied, we negotiated, agreed I would test their products for 6 months on a live case study basis with full freedom to give my total honest opinion.

That’s right. A simply polite exchange with another reputable business resulting in a very interesting course of events. A simple case of breaking my blog rules ended up in a unique experiment. All stemming from one blog post that was extremely relevant at the time it was written. (I write it within an hour of Market Samurai’s announcement).


Link Assistant package

So what is SEO Powersuite?

SEO PowerSuite is actually a collection of four SEO tools. These include:

  • Rank Tracker
  • Website Auditor
  • SEO Spyglass
  • & Link Assistant

Rather then be an all in one solution, SEO PowerSuite prefers to split their tools, so that individuals can purchase whichever one is relevant to them.

They have three levels of product:

  • Enterprise – Fully featured and designed for people who work on behalf of clients (can print professional reports within seconds). Most expensive option.
  • Pro - Designed for personal use. Has nearly all the features of Enterprise except the report features.
  • Free – Great way to test the software. Seems to have all the Pro features except a save feature.


How the experiment will work

Over the course of the next six months I will be testing each of these tools in detail via a live experiment, using the Enterprise version of the software. I will update both my experience of the tools and any progress in weekly updates.

I will be choosing 2 domains as a basis for this project.

One will be a clients site, so I can fully test the power of the reports (which in all honestly has already saved me hours of work creating reports for my personal clients). The second site will be a new project, a domain I will start from scratch.

This will allow me to test a ready made site, verses a totally new site. Both have slightly different needs and thus make interesting test sites.

[box type="yellow"]Disclaimer:

Of course I will be inserting affiliate links within this series, but you should rest assured that in a 6 month experiment – I will have to be totally honest in my reviews.

As an extra incentive  I will also be testing a second SEO tool within the same time period, meaning I have to really review each tool in-depth to be able to write weekly updates.



The next article in this series will be based on my first thoughts of the SEO PowerSuite.  I already wrote this article but as luck will have it, they updated the software just as I finished it! (It will be updated and released soon.)

In the meantime why not download the free version of SEO PowerSuite from here, so that you can follow along with the experiment and be able to explore some of the features for yourself.




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  • Aleh Barysevich - February 23, 2012 reply

    Hey Dee, thanks for writing about us! We wish you happy testing and look forward to updates and results from your very interesting experiment.

    Link-Assistant co-founder

  • Dee - February 23, 2012 reply

    Hi Aleh

    I look forward to your following this experiment and hope you will provide tips on how we can make better use of your software each week. There is going to be a learning curve, but we should cover a lot over six months.

    Aleh Barysevich - February 23, 2012 reply

    Sure ask away any time – here in the comments, via twitter, via email (aleh at link-assistant) whichever – we’ll be happy to help.

    Tanya, Aleh

  • Aleh Barysevich - February 23, 2012 reply

    and Tanya McTavish, also from Link-Assistant, whose Gravatar you are seeing above :)

  • Laurence Samuels - February 24, 2012 reply

    Hi Dee,

    I’m very interested to see the results.


  • Dee - February 26, 2012 reply

    Yeah Laurence, I will update this review process next week. I struggled a little with the software this week and had to go back to the tutorial videos to figure out what to do. Was frustrating but it’s working out nicely now.

  • Dan - June 5, 2012 reply

    “Pro – Designed for personal use. Has nearly all the features of Enterprise except the report features.”

    This is a deal breaker for me. Why would anyone buy this if they can’t print a report? The enterprise is great, but having never used the product I am not paying that much up front.

    Good luck with your experiment.

    Aleh Barysevich - June 6, 2012 reply

    Hey Dan,

    I’ll be more than happy to give you (or anyone else reading this) a one-month Enterprise trial to play around with – it is indeed a big investment. Just shoot me an email to aleh[at]link-assistant[dot]com if interested.

    Link-Assistant.Com co-founder

    Dee - June 6, 2012 reply


    Thanks for dropping by and fantastic offer which I encourage everyone to take you up on.


    Dee - June 6, 2012 reply

    Dan for personal use I guess it works well, but for client use, really for me the product would pay for itself.

    I’m going to be getting back to the experiment (slacked a little!) and I think you will find it interesting…

    Dee Kumar

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